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GLint zeroOpacity = 0;
[[self openGLContext] setValues:&zeroOpacity forParameter:NSOpenGLCPS...
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Apr 22, 2010 | 08:59:06
China & Tech Links, April 20, 2010
By marcwan
[link] Myths and truths about Chinese criminal law (great article)
[link] China’s middle class under great pressure
[link] Off’l Press: Bursting China Housing Bubble ‘Necessary Choice’
[link] China NBS: Price Pressures Build, Inflation Target Difficult
[link] How to Think about China
[link] 3G in china
[link] The Myth of One China
[link] Obama’s ‘deal’ with China is oversold
[link] Chinese women like diamonds
[link] Is Jim Chanos Right About A China Real Estate Bubble?
[link] Beijing’s hutong heirs grow greedy
[link] U.S. Waiting for China on Iran Issue (gonna be a long wait)
[link] Analysis: Three simple lessons in Chinese for Julius Malema
[link] China’s Market. Too Hot? Too Cold? or Juuuust Right?
[link] China is a nation of ‘money worshipers’
[link] A trade war with China isn’t worth it
[link] More on China’s overcapacity issue
[link] China’s top four social networks: RenRen, Kaixin001, Qzone, and
[link] Unsafe ingredient in some flours
[link] President Hu warns Chinese officials against temptations of beautiful women, power
[link] 80 percent of napkins in restaurants unsafe
[link] Quit trying to blame China for American decline
[link] Deadlines and Delays: Chinese Revaluation Will Still Not Bring American Jobs
[link] Peking University gives the boot to Women’s Law Center
[link] Beijingers richer but unhappier
[link] Still way too soon to gamble on the potential US decline
[link] A flawed American political model aids China
[link] Colour photos from Beijing from 1946.
[link] China, Concubines and Google
[link] Journalists’ E-Mails Hacked in China
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Mar 31, 2010 | 01:48:55
Links for March 28th, 2010
By marcwan

The big news in recent days, of course, has been Google shutting off their Chinese internet service and redirecting all traffic to their Hong Kong servers. In general, they’ve been getting pilloried for this decision — nobody seems to buy Sergei Brin’s argument that this is about persecution such as that faced by his father in Russia decades back. Why didn’t they worry about this in 2006 when they first came to China? Nobody can find anything good coming out of this situation. R.I.P or good riddance [link]
Congress On China: Google Gets A Big Wet Kiss. Microsoft Is “Enabling Tyranny” [link]
Why Google should stay in China [link]
Disingenuous piece on Google China (all of the examples he states came to light because of Google IN China): [link]
Opposing view: Google’s big mistake [link]
Analysis: Google-China flap déjà vu for Microsoft [link]
The Google Shuffle and the Hong Kong Twist [link]
Brin Drove Google to Pull Back in China [link]
Google Isn’t China’s Problem. Press Freedom Is. [link]
Baidu is just a bad company [link]

More general links on China’s economy, the RMB, and the other big case this week, the Rio Tinto case (where a complete and utter lack of transparency alarmed more than a few people):

Property prices to see steady climb [link]
ANALYSIS-China’s influence silences Asia on yuan peg [link]
Volvo Seeks to Wean China Officials From Audis to Boost Sales [link]
The Chinese legal system and the Stern Hu case [link]
Stern Hu’s trial and its legal and economic implications – Weekly editorial [link]
Life in Chinese prison (Rio Tinto) [link]

And finally some other stuff, including the huge drought facing much of the country since last autumn (which we weren’t allowed to talk about until about a week ago because nobody wanted to be a buzz kill for the National Day celebrations last October or for Spring Festival this February.

What’s it like being black in China? [link]
Now that Spring festival is over, we’re allowed to talk about this: [link]
Beijing to sweeten stench of rubbish crisis with giant deodorant guns [link]
Shanghai restricts sale of knives during Expo [link]
People, people everywhere in China, and not enough to work [link]
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Mar 22, 2010 | 03:37:07
China & Tech Links, March 22nd, 2010
By marcwan

We’ll start out by looking at the RMB valutation debate raging on in the US. On the US, the “RMB is hugely undervalued” drums are being beat in Washington, and have a surprising ally in Paul Krugman, a normally quite rational and thoughtful person. The first article in this list by James Fallows, somebody whose thoughts on China are usually dead-on, and always worth reading.

[link] How to think about the RMB, “currency manipulation,” and trade war (James Fallows)
[link] Has Paul Krugman gone completely insane?
[link] The Chinese are not the source of our problems, …
[link] Paul Krugman’s China (RMB) fallacy

Next, a bunch of articles on Google’s departure from China:

[link] China state media accuses Google of political agenda
[link] What a Google China exit would mean
[link] China appears to be preparing for Google departure
[link] Google denies ‘exit China’ rumor

Understanding China:

[link] Behold China (Good content, nutty presentation)
[link] Too few deciphering the Chinese puzzle
[link] If You Want to See Entrepreneurs, Go to China
[link] What Won’t Work With China, And What Might

General Interest stuff:

[link] How Richies are influencing Chinese political policy (and tax debate)
[link] What Chinese Censors Don’t Want You to Know
[link] Beijing Becomes 3rd-Busiest Airport, Beating Chicago
[link] China’s Reverse Price Wars
[link] Land price record broken twice in day
[link] More attempted measures to cool Beijing’s housing market.
[link] How to manage your reputation online in China (hint: $$)
[link] China orders journalists to retrain in communist theory
[link] Soaring drug abuse in China’s south
[link] South Africa expects influx of Chinese prostitutes for World Cup
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Mar 08, 2010 | 02:39:44
China & Tech Links, March 8th, 2010
By marcwan

Interesting China reading for March 8th, 2010.

[link] Fascinating old Chinese menu from 1935
[link] Goldman betting that Chinese Yuan is no longer undervalued, warns of shrinking surplus
[link] Hackers of Google systems stole source code-
[link] In spite of an urgent need to cut emissions, fossil-fuel consumption in China is soaring
[link] Questions for the author of “Driving in China”
[link] Violent crime rate in China rises for first time in 10 years
[link] Rumours of a Chinese bubble are great exaggerated
[link] China’s English Teaching Boom may be about to burst
[link] Lies, Damned Lies, and Chinese Statistics
[link] Understanding (or not) China’s financial transactions
[link] China Warns Hong Kong
[link] Foreign Firms bet on Larger Chinese consumption
[link] Defying Global Slump, China Has Labor Shortage
[link] China pledges to ensure fair, high quality education in decade ahead
[link] Yang Yahui, cause of death: a glass of water
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Mar 01, 2010 | 02:40:26
China & Tech Reading
By marcwan

I’ve been really busy with my new job here and haven’t been writing as many blog articles as I’d like, but I have still been coming across lots of interesting things I’d like to share with people.

So, I’m going to start an Interesting Reading / Links type of blog post. Almost entirely centred around China and Tech (if not Tech in China). I hope to get back to regular blog-article writing soon.

  • [link] Apple Supplier United Win Technology’s factory in Jiangsu suffers more labour troubles, with 62 workers poisoned by n-hexane
  • [link] Recent government changes to house buying rules that make it harder for foreigners to buy will not affect the local market in Beijing
  • [link] “Research without Google would be like life without electricity,” one Chinese scientist said. What would life without Google in China be like?
  • [link]
    For those of you who continue to doubt, more evidence that MySpace is in terminal decline
  • [link] Americans continue to freak out about China
  • [link] “China’s local governments, which ran up huge debts during the record-breaking lending spree of the past year, are now feeling the pinch as authorities in Beijing tighten credit.”
  • [link] How Chinese football matches are rigged:
  • [link] How ready is the US for cyberattacks? (Hint: not)
  • [link] China is misread by bulls and bears alike
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