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Mar 28, 2008 | 01:38:42
PHP 6 and other fun things that don't exist
By marcwan

It is with some amusement that I have recently seen a number of PHP 6 books popping up for sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. A while back, I spent some time trying to figure out just how far behind the curve I was on PHP 6 since I hadn’t really been paying too much attention. As I started to investigate how things were coming along and when I should expect it to hit the street, I was honestly a bit surprised at how hard news was to come by.

In short, like most major software projects, it’s “a work in progress”. As a project developed by volunteers and people with other full time jobs, there are periods where it sees serious spurts of development, and other periods when there are lulls. It will be released basically when it’s done and properly tested by the community. Who knows when that will be, but I will wager money that it won’t occur at in 2008 at all.

So, with that and all those PHP 6 books in mind, I, as an author myself, have come up with the following list of other books I’d to see published or that I’ll consider starting to write:

  • The official Apple Guide to the Mac Tablet
  • PERL 6 for Dimwits
  • Duke Nuke’em Forever Strategy Guide (wait for it … wait for it … go! No, wait, false alarm, wait for it …)
  • The Official Apple Guide to Hacking the iPhone
  • Preparing for that long and unexpected Amazon AWS system outage that is definitely absolutely certainly positively coming any day now (really! it will!)

Got any other good ones? Add a comment.

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